Having "rules" takes away from that, we realize. We've had several repeat issues, so to keep our rental price low and have the studio in the best condition possible for each creative, we have put together some best practices for everyone!

we want this studio to feel like yours.

Treat everything like it's yours

because it is!

Each piece is there for you. Use it as you'd like and take great care of it so it lasts for a long time. Similar to having a gym membership and wiping off your machines after using them, we would appreciate help in taking the trash out if needed. To keep studio rental fees down, we don't pay for a cleaning lady. We take the trash out as often as we can, and take care of deep cleaning the studio, but we ask that you clean up after yourselves (confetti, toddler snacks, clothing trash, etc.) and take the trash out if you see it overflowing. (Not necessary for every time you're there! Just if you see it stuffed and about to overflow.) Trash bags are located in the vanity desk on the right side. There's a blue dumpster out back to the right of the building you can drop it in, or sometimes we just take it home and toss it in our trash bins at home. Whatever is easiest! We appreciate the help in keeping it clean. <3 (But on the flip side—if you'd rather we pay for a cleaning lady, we can raise the rental rate and do that. Just let us know.)

Cake smashes

Our paper rolls aren't meant to be single-use. They're very durable and should last for a really long time, even with multiple photographers and clients using them. For this reason, we charge an additional fee when the paper has to be cut for reasons beyond normal wear and tear. (The paper should only be cut when 100% necessary. A few footprints/dirt is not reason to cut a large chunk of paper.)

We LOVE cake smashes, so we are happy to host them! You can bring something to put down on top of the paper so the paper doesn't get ruined to avoid the fee. (We recommend a plastic mat like this one, large acrylic sheets from any hardware store, faux leather from Hobby Lobby (see image), or even just a cute blanket.) 

Photo to the right of and thanks to Jess cattles. Pictured: faux leather from Hobby lobby.

Gorgeous cake smash images thanks to The blank page collective.

But if you love images where the kiddos make a mess everywhere and you don't want to put anything down, that's cool too! It's just an additional $25. Please set up as close to the end of the roll as possible so we aren't wasting paper, and cut it off when you're done. (Please take the trashed paper with you or drop it in the blue dumpster out back.)

This applies to other sessions as well that ruin the paper, including excessive use of bubbles, water, etc.)

Photo of and thanks to Jess cattles. Pictured: faux leather from Hobby lobby.

The paper

Our backdrop system is COOL. (At least we think so!) It makes setting up for your sessions soooooo easy. It has its flaws though, and we want to share them with you so you will know how to manage them.

When the paper gets to the very end of the roll, it will just hang there and not roll back up. This results in wasted paper and a lot of frustration because it's very difficult to change the roll when this happens. Please be conscientious of nearing the end of the roll. If you see tape (see image of pink paper below), stop rolling! (We will try to start marking a line near the end so you will know when to stop sooner.)

There will now be a $30-$100 fee for paper that ends up crumpled and ripped.

Another way you can help us keep this from happening is by letting us know:
1. If you cut any paper (we ask that you only cut paper when 100% necessary or when you pay the additional $25 fee to do so) and
2. If it looks like a roll is near the end.  

The paper is difficult to change out, so we handle that ourselves to avoid any issues (and because we have a lot of practice with it).

If it isn't rolling up and down verrryyyyyyyy easily, something is probably wrong. Stop using it, and give us a call!

Don't forgets

◉ On Sundays and after 5pm time slots, you will need to disarm/set the alarm system. This is very important. We get charged a fee if the police have to show up for a false alarm. (All details will be in your booking email for how to do this.)
◉ Please remember to: turn the lights off, close the curtains, and turn off all fans when you leave.
◉ Doors: the front door locks automatically. Please don't leave without the key. (Best practice: put the key back in the box after opening the door.) The back door should remain unlocked at all times. (Unless you are changing inside the studio. You can lock it, but PLEASE don't forget to unlock it when you're done.)
◉ If you have any issues at all, please let us know! And remember: we welcome any and all feedback to make the studio a better place for everyone!

some basic


The newborn beanbag is not easy to get down. (We are working on additional solutions for storing it.) Please be careful when getting it down. (You can use the step ladder in the studio.) Be aware that the hanging bars move back and forth and are not still. 

Please let us know if you will be using the bean bag during your time in the studio. You can leave the bean bag down on the floor when you're finished with it, and we will put it back up for you. (The more advance you can let us know you'll be using it, the better.)

For sanitary reasons, we do not store blankets. Please bring your own to use on top of the bean bag. When you're finished, please be sure to clean up any messes that are made. 

If you have any trouble putting together the frame, please let us know!

For every 10 hours booked, get one free.

loyalty program

We appreciate you choosing us! As a thank you, we're giving an hour free for every 10 hours booked at the studio. The free hour is given after the 10 booked hours have passed. This promotion is per year—hours do not roll over from year to year. Please get in touch with us for any questions or concerns.